Genre: Young Adult Drama

Feature film Written, Directed, 
Filmed, Edited and Scored by Rhiannon Bannenberg


The enigmatic film debut from Rhiannon Bannenberg based on her experience of growing up with chronic neuropathic pain.

India travels back to her childhood home to spend time with her brother, boyfriend and a childhood friend. It's a place of comfort and memories, that she hopes will calm her busy and anxious mind. But it is through the tangled branches that bind the four friends, that a new face appears: she calls herself Harry. In the guise of friendship, Harry pulls at invisible strings, unravelling bonds that she will never understand.

The film was well received by audiences, critics and festivals alike, and was released theatrically through Fan Force.

Starring: Rebecca Montalti, Elias Jamieson Brown, Scott Lee, Debbie Neilson, Natasha Velkova

- Official Selection Harrisburg-Hershey Film Festival 2015 - Awarded Best Cinematography

- Official Selection International Gulf of Naples Film Festival 2015 - Awarded Special Jury Prize

- Official Selection Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2016

Available on: iTunes, Amazon Prime & Amazon Video

“A visually exquisite debut” 
— Ed Gibbs, ABC TV

“The film is beautiful and on a visual par with Campion’s The Piano” 
— Jason King, Salty Popcorn

'Striking and thoughtful'
— Screen-Space